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Downhill Skiing

Saariselkä is the northernmost ski resort in Finland and Europe. 15 slopes ensure that there are trails for all age groups and skill levels.

The atmosphere is much calmer and closer to nature in Saariselkä than in the other major ski resorts in Northern Finland. If you want to enjoy the northern lights, beautiful nature and clear blue skies while skiing on clean white snow, Saariselkä is your destination.


Saariselkä Ski Resort is built on the slopes of two fells, Kaunispää, which has more slopes and is slightly higher (437.5 metres above sea level), and Iisakkipää (415.5 metres above sea level).

– 15 slopes
– 5 lifts (1 chair lift, 3 anchor lifts and 1 button lift)

Saariselkä slopes have been named after birds. Among the easiest slopes, there are the shorter ones Pöllö (owl) and Naakka (jackdaw), and also Huuhkaja (eagle owl) which begins at the top of Kaunispää. Experienced skiers seek challenges on the slopes of Tilhi (waxwing), Varpunen (sparrow) or Lunni (puffin).

The catwalks are named Kettu (fox), Naali (arctic fox) and Poro (reindeer).

Those who like softer snow can try to find challenges near the tree line or outside the slopes, but there is no very challenging off-piste skiing available in Saariselkä.

Saariselkä ski resort has easy runs and is perfect for families and beginners. The resort’s location in the north ensures that there is snow from the beginning of the season till late spring.

Freestyle Park

The pride of Saariselkä, Finland’s longest street, is called Freestyle Park. This 1200-metre-long street is a snowboarder’s dream and is located in Riekko slope on Kaunispää side.

Junior Park is similar but aimed at children, and it offers challenges for the smaller daredevils of the family.

Ski passes

Ski passes, which are smart cards, can be purchased at the Service Centre, located next to the parking area. You can choose the appropriate pass from single ascent and a 2-hour pass to a 2-day, 7-day or a season pass.

You can purchase the ski passes with a credit card or cash.

Lift passes are not transferable (with the exception of company cards).

With a Saariselkä season pass you can purchase Ounasvaara and Talma day passes at half price!

Ski restaurants and cafes

When you get hungry, head to Sport Bistro Pilkku! Sport Bistro offers a selection of sweet and savoury dishes for small and big appetites: delicious pizzas, snack platters, donuts, sweets and a traditional soup lunch.

At the top of the Kaunispää slopes you will find the Kaunispään Huippu ski restaurant, where you can get refreshments and snacks.

Ski rental

Downhill skis, poles, boots, snowboards, shoes, telemark equipment, helmets and snowscoots can be rented from the Saariselkä ski rental, which is open whenever the slopes are open.

The staff will help you choose the right sized equipment, and help you get started with it.

Ski School

Are you an aspiring snowboarder, telemark skier, downhill skier or cross-country skier? Have you forgotten how to ski? Ski School Saariselkä provides instruction to everyone from beginners to experienced amateurs, according to your skill level.

All the instructors at Ski School Saariselkä are competent, friendly and multilingual professionals. Instruction is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and German, and upon request, in Russian, Estonian or French.

The School specialities are snowkiting lessons, new school and adaptive alpine skiing.

Ski School age limits:

Snowboard: 7 years
Other: 5 years

Finnish English

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