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Activities – What to do in Saariselkä

Being amongst the beautiful nature in Saariselkä will certainly not be boring. Northern Lapland’s unique environment is perfect for both relaxation and winter and summer activities.

The most popular activities are downhill and cross-country skiing, but there are other things to do, too – only your imagination is the limit. These are the most common activities you can enjoy in the Saariselkä area.

Winter Activities

In winter, you can do downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or go to the spa to relax.

Downhill skiing

Ski Saariselkä is a ski resort that has been built on the slopes of two fells. There are a total of 15 different types of slopes, so both beginners and experienced skiers will find their own favourites.

The slopes have been named after birds. You can enjoy relaxed downhill skiing on Naakka (jackdaw) and Huuhkaja (eagle owl). Those seeking challenges will head to Lunni (puffin), Tilhi (waxwing) or Varpunen (sparrow).

At the top of the ski resort, you will find café Kaunispään Huippu. If you are really hungry, you can head to Ski Bistro Pilkku situated between the two fells where you will be served delicious soup lunches and pizza slices to keep you energized for the slopes.

It is easy to rent ski gear at the resort’s own ski rental.

Cross-Country Skiing

Saariselkä ski trails are well-maintained. You can usually go cross-country skiing from October until May when the spring sun starts to soften the snow. The varied landscape offers a different skiing experience for every day of the week.

There are 200 kilometres of ski trails, and 34 km of them have flood lights.


Thrill-seekers will want to try snowmobiling as well as downhill skiing. In the wilderness around Saariselkä there are an amazing 1,000 kilometres of snowmobile trails. Safe snowmobile safaris and trips are organized daily.

Husky safaris

If you have no interest in snowmobiling, perhaps you would like to sit in a sledge pulled by dogs? Husky safaris are a delightful way to experience speed sitting down behind the furry animals. Going on a husky safari will give you memories you will treasure for years!

Reindeer Safaris

The reindeer on their part entertain people! For many a foreign visitor, the most exotic of the activities available is a reindeer safari. You can choose a short ride or a day long safari. On reindeer safaris you are often told stories of life of the reindeer farms.


Snowshoeing is a little less known amongst the Finns, but this sporty activity will allow you to enjoy the winter scenery in places where no roads lead to, while having some hard exercise.

Summer Activities


Summer’s most popular activity is, of course, hiking. Northern Lapland has an easy terrain, and hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails are waiting for you. You can choose how long and impressive a route you take. The scenery of Urho Kekkonen National Park should be experienced at least once in a lifetime!


The fish stocks are plentiful in Northern Lapland, and fishers can experience new things day after day. Whether you want to fish salmon, trout, sea trout, whitefish, pike, perch or grayling – Saariselkä meets your needs.

Fishing permits are sold at Metsähallitus Info-Point.

Horseback riding

Experiencing the terrain on the fells riding a horse is magical. On a horse riding trip you get to enjoy the best Northern Lapland has to offer from the autumn colours and polar night to the snow in winter. Horseback riding is an easy and safe way to get close to nature.

Gold Panning

Do you want to experience the feeling of a real gold rush? You can experiment gold panning with the guidance of professionals.

Spa open all year round


Europe’s northernmost spa, Holiday Club Saariselkä, offers relaxation for families, couples, students and pensioners. The tropical hot tubs and water massage will keep you entertained for hours. You can visit the sauna, relax in the steam and be ready for more bathing in the pool.

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